You know you enjoy my process

I want to jump right in with these grilled flatiron steaks with tomatoes and tapenade, but I'm having a hard time figuring out which BA# it is. (Also, this is boring housekeeping to assure myself that I'm not cheating on this project, so feel free to skip. ANNA SURPRISES AHEAD.) Continuing from the last post, it would be #28, but this weekend as I was whining about thoughtfully contemplating aloud the fact that I wasn't even halfway through the 60 SUMMER RECIPES yet, Dan asked if I had actually counted to make sure there were 60, and I said "....." And then I tried to count. And based on my original recipe-classifying strategy, only came up with 54.

Remember when I decided that multi-part recipes should only count as one? That's not going to work, because the only way I could get to 60 was to break out things like 1) grilled flatiron steak with 2) tomatoes and 3) tapenade. That means I get to add two BA points to my total for chickens/peppers and corn/pistachio salsa, putting me at BA#30 grilled flatiron steak with BA#31 tomatoes and BA#32 tapenade.

I sure hope there are a couple of new readers today, because this is FASCINATING FOR EVERYONE.
Anyway, the steaks were pretty good, and I love anything made of chopped olives. Anna and Hopper were concerned that the grill session needed more vegetation.

Good looking out, guys.
I also threw these BA#33 Vanilla-roasted rhubarb and strawberry pouches on the grill. I think this was my first rhubarb, so I give BA props for forcing me to try something that I wasn't afraid of but just hadn't gotten around to yet. I would say these smelled better than they tasted, which was slightly bland. Dan said the rhubarb was "woody," so...there you go.

This is where I'm going to hide my confession that I only worked out 21/30 days in June. That's less failure than I expected!
BA#34: Cucumber salsa. My original vision for this pile of salsa, chicken, red peppers, guacamole and bread was "sandwich," as you can see.

A classic one-hander.
We spent Saturday evening with lovely internet ladies Natalie, Jennie, and Regan, and their lovely internet children. I considered only posting this picture of Anna in the pool:

But, as she is hatless, you can already see that something is amiss, so I may as well come clean and admit that she had a really good time playing in the water.

Like, a really good time.

And I think she was pretty impressed by Kyle's flexibility.

Don't worry, the giant swing snapped her back to normal.

Ivy says only suckers need a swimming pool to get soaked.

In other news, we are still wary of rain.

And asparagus.