Three is the easy year, right?

Hey Anna, what do you see out there?


His name was Ramon.
Lesson learned: share pictures of your child enjoying things rarely enough that when you do, at least one of her grandparents will feel compelled to buy her that thing. Anyway, it's great that Anna finally has a way to expend some energy throughout the most brutal part of the summer.

I didn't say a lot of energy.
The whole day was, as you can imagine, pretty festive. You know Anna was in a party mood because she spent the morning decorating her hat.

Can't wait to see what she does with it for birthday number four!
She was also pumped UP about opening presents.

Being surrounded by loved ones and new toys can be very disheartening.
And, of course, there was cake.

I think this one might be a "smile."
It was a rocket cake! I stole it from Flickr. I actually made Dan do all the shaping because he's the "rocket surgeon" around here!

Hahaha I definitely did not already say that joke several times.
I wanted to make a toddler friendly menu, so I went with macaroni and cheese and sliders.

Interesting note: toddlers do NOT like this version. Somehow it will get eaten anyway.
For my money, it's not a party without a pile of burgers.
All of that fun was a little exhausting, so the next day I thought I'd take a crack at BA#46: a pitcher of Blueberry Smash.

Hats off to Bon Appetit for including one cocktail recipe that isn't completely revolting. Not completely good or anything, but now I don't have to go through life wondering what elderflower liqueur tastes like.

Anyway, if you need us we'll be in the pool.