I hope there's a database somewhere of Things Erica Feels Strongly About

Let me just check the calendar here and...yep, it is, it's Birthday Time at the Huff House once again!

I think she was hoping for something bigger.
Anna's actually isn't until tomorrow, but today is Dan's and that means good stuff in the morning because Dan's favorite food is "breakfast." So far that's the only common characteristic I have noted between him and Ron Swanson. Still on the lookout! Anyway, this banana nut French toast and locally brewed cold coffee served nicely. I have pretty good luck with the Martha Stewart Conglomerate Borg Inc recipes, though this was a little too sweet for my taste and I'm pretty sure the suggestion to serve it with maple syrup was just a joke.

I call this "Sunrise Diabeetus."
Aaaaaand not only was that Dan's entire present, it's also the only cooking I've done since my last post. (Who says we ladies can't do it all, am I right? Slackers.) HOWEVER, an extremely cursory review of my last two posts revealed that the math involved in numbering the BA recipes (putting numbers in consecutive order) is maybe a bit beyond my reach because I was THREE numbers off. In the last TWO posts. So what I'm saying is, even though I didn't cook any BA recipes in the past few days, I did bump my tally up to 45 by using my eyeballs and my counting-past-20 skills. Yay free numbers!

It's not the only eating I've done, obviously. The vast majority of it has been various combinations of Scandinavian leftovers (I think you should step away from the screen for a minute until you can get your seething jealousy under control). But last night we busted out of Danish food-prison and took a trip to Hopdoddy for burgers, because Dan's other favorite food is "cows."

Dan's hamburger had brie, truffle aioli, and arugula on it, because birthdays are for being fancy.

I feel strongly that Ron Swanson would not approve of this.
The only part of my order that was important was the add-on.

I think there was also hamburger in it.
The food was really good and you know I give them so many points for letting me put an egg on it, but the structure of ordering was so odd that I'm not sure it's worth it for me. I do not like to re-learn how to navigate an eatery. I either want to go to a counter and place my order or I want to sit at a table and be served, please do not provoke my anxiety by making a weird, confusing hybrid of the two. When people define "social script" they almost always use restaurants as an example, for a reason. Also, for our one meal we had three separate checks for various components given to us by three separate people, which makes me suspect that the whole thing is a scheme designed to prey on confused over-tippers like myself. I GUESS I HAVE NOT RECOVERED FROM THIS PLEASANT HAMBURGER-EATING EXPERIENCE YET.

Anyway, no big deal, but I think Ivy might be turning into Gollum.

Just going to keep an eye on that.