Haven't put a lot of effort into anything so far this week, not going to start now

Not a lot to report in the food department this week, although you can read Monday's Food Lush post for a California restaurant review. There's some food in that one. I'm sort of recovering from vacation and possibly gearing up for another project, so I've been doing this thing where I just go to the grocery store and buy some food that looks good then season it and heat it up. Did you know you could do that? Spend ten or fifteen minutes a day on dinner and that's it? Ugh. It's tragic how some people live.

Anyway, we're all taking it easy around here this week. Doing a little light reading:

Also some heavier reading.

Applying Vitamin E face masks.

Wouldn't have pegged her for a spa type, but there you go.
Dressing ourselves.

I feel like she's attempting to summon a thumbs up here. So upbeat lately!
And, uh...finger painting.

BOOM, drops mike, walks away.