If you have a better containment system than "random drawer," I'd like to hear it

In case my Summer Food Project coverage was not in-depth enough for you, I dedicated yesterday's Food Lush post to things I intend to make again. If, on the other hand, you think my Summer Food Project coverage has been excessive, just thank your lucky stars that I'm not devoting the whole of August to lazily reminiscing about 60 SUMMER RECIPES. Not in an interesting retrospective sort of way, either. More like, "Hey, remember when I made grilled clams? Crazy." And that would be the whole entry. With no link or picture or anything.

Ugh, you guys. August.

Okay, fine, I'm going to pull it together and throw you at least a few NON-BA recipes throughout this wretched month, here we go, Buffalo chicken lettuce wraps. I had not even realized how much I missed my slow cooker and its magical shredded-chicken-creating properties.

Now Bon Appetit will release a crockpot issue and I will be helpless to resist it.
Whew, that's enough for now. Just dipping a toe back into the water, you know?

Since the girls recently received cute matching outfits from Grandma, I figured I should make an effort to capture them wearing them at the same time. Ivy was game!

Anna was Anna.
She did make an effort eventually.

I just wish the physical pain she experiences while smiling was less evident.
Then things went a little off the rails.

Before taking a turn for the "party bus."

If I had Photoshop, you'd better believe they would be doing this out the top of a limo.
I mean, full party bus.

I guess we probably shouldn't have been attempting this shoot at 3:30 am.

Fortunately, Ivy is her mama's daughter and knows exactly how to sober things up.

That's right, baby. That'll fix it.
Hey, do you guys notice anything weird about Anna's approach to art?

That's right! No hat!