Sorry to hit you with sincerity on a Friday

You know what sounds really delicious? Grilled cheese crepes with shaved asparagus. I'll never know, though.

The fact that the recipe calls these "amazingly easy" is just cruel.
It's okay, I salvaged dinner by turning them into quesadillas.

Then IMPROVED dinner by turning them into an egg dish.

Because putting an egg on something is actually amazingly easy.
Personally, I like Anna's full-throttle approach to coloring with markers.

But Ivy seems uncertain.
We also had a very somber 9-month checkup for Ivy.

She really might be the world's most dignified infant.

So everything is a little brief today, and I apologize that I'm going to send you into the weekend on a huge bummer of a note, but we said goodbye to our nine-year-old cat Hopper this morning. Well, not "Goodbye" so much as "Oh shit, our neighbor ran over the cat."


He was a sweetie and a weirdo and a big help in the garden and I will miss him.

Goodbye, buddy.