They probably eat shrimp in Stockholm

Wow, can you believe it's been almost a month since I was gloriously freed from my self-imposed Bon Appetit shackles? It's been so great basking in the glow of a world full of recipe variety! I mean, do you even realize how many recipes exist? Bookmarked or pinned on my computer alone? Not to mention the dozens of cookbooks lining my shelves OKAY FINE YOU GUYS IT WAS TOO MUCH FOR ME AND I WENT BACK TO THE LOVING ARMS OF MY CAPTOR. It turns out the real world is overwhelming and I do not like to make decisions.

So I roasted up some chicken.

And I, uh. I made some shrimp.

I mean who didn't see this coming, really?
Anyway, I think I've figured out a way to basically not eat anything interesting in September, so stay tuned because I imagine that will be pretty fun to read about.

So we had back-to-back birthday parties this weekend, as you can probably tell:

Oh, what's that? This was before the first party even started? Excellent.
First up was cousin Levi's party at the Pioneer Town arcade. You know Anna hit the ground running!

It's fine, it's fine. She found a friend to sit with.

Meanwhile, Ivy demonstrated some pretty mean air hockey skills.

Come on, Ivy. Just let your cousin win on his birthday.
Let's just check back in with Anna...yep, all good.

Okay, birthday two, let's do this! Well, pretty disappointing food and decoration from Regan, unfortunately.

Anna seemed a little unsettled by the swirl of fun surrounding her at the Children's Museum.

But she soon realized that there was serious work to be done.

Though she may have been disgruntled that no one else was pitching in.

These cloth vegetables aren't going to pretend to water themselves.
Happy birthdays, Levi and Truman! Ivy can't believe she made it through all that and still no cake.

She's actually just practicing her "incredulous" face in a bid for more screen time here. Rewarded!