Six months of happiness starts...NOW

I hope everyone had a great BEST DAY OF THE ENTIRE YEAR this weekend! I can't wait to hear about your autumn extravaganzas. I, for one, celebrated by opening all the windows in my house and emerging from my seasonal depression. I also had an overpowering urge to immediately put the following things into my mouth: pumpkin, cinnamon, figs, apple, blueberries, and maple syrup. Seeing that list written out I realize that all of those things more or less go together and I probably could have knocked that craving out in one bowl and called it FALL FLAVOR FEST but I decided to spread it out a bit instead. Note for next year, though.

If you've been anywhere near the internet in the past week or so, you know that failure to include at least one pumpkin-spiced item in your daily diet puts you in violation of the Autumnal Code. As someone who very much enjoys both the concept of and the flavors associated with fall, I am fine with this rule. I quietly endure Summer! Fun! Lists! every year and now I shall UNLEASH THE PUMPKIN FURY UPON YOU. I will give you a helpful tip, though: make a quick batch of pumpkin yogurt snack cake for the fridge and you'll hit your RDA of pumpkin and cinnamon no problem.

By breakfast even, I would venture to say.

I wouldn't say figs are unsung this time of year, but they do get a bit overshadowed. Did you know you can make an entire sandwich out of them? And that they go really well with sesame-crusted hunks of feta? Because probably everything goes well with those?

The best thing about this sandwich is how waistline-friendly it is, in the sense that winter is coming and it's time to start putting on a protective layer of fat. The high today is only 94! Can't be too careful. The second-best thing is how well it goes with curried apple soup.

Which in turn goes well with festive autumn placemats hey did I mention it's FALL NOW?

I also drank some Hot Apple Cider Tea and threw blueberries and maple syrup onto my oatmeal and experienced sunshine that didn't feel blatantly malevolent. Good weekend, guys.

Since Sunday was Free Museum Day in Austin, we headed out to Pioneer Farms to pose picturesquely and ignore livestock.

But mostly we've just been embracing the new season all over the place.

We are doing this thing.