Summer is starting to consider ending

In honor of the chilly 78 degree weather this morning, I am dedicating this post to baked goods and pizza. Join me, everyone! Crank up your ovens and fill them with flour and sugar! Fall is heeeeeeeeeeeeere!*

So here we go, Chocolate Coffee Cardamom Bread. I mean, right?


My primary sources of sustenance lately have been 1) coffee, 2) chocolate, and 3) the love of my family or whatever, so this was a nice way to streamline most of those. If you don't include the icing, it has a little bitter edge, but that's how you know the coffee is working.

How about some Carrot Cherry Breakfast Cookies? I think the whole wheat four I used for these was sort of stale, but the children like them anyway. I also threw in a batch of Marvelous Muffins from Cookbook #86. (Spoiler: they are just regular muffins. I did not marvel at them.) The children like these anyway as well.


But it's not all fun and games and baked goods for breakfast around here. There are also brussels sprouts. They just happen to be tucked into a bacon and fancy-cheese pizza.

If you don't think you like brussels sprouts, this delivery system might convince you. You don't have to include Responsibility Salad, I was just showing off.

The girls are still trying to throw data-miners off their trail.

*until Friday when it is one hundred degrees again!