Brussels from heaven

Quick, let's harness some of that autumn excitement before I notice that the high is still pretty close to 100 degrees most days and cover Cookbook #92: Racing Weight (Matt Fitzgerald, 2009). Provenance: my own delusional self. Previous recipes on this blog: none. Reasons for putting it off: not actually a cookbook, embarrassment regarding previously noted delusion.

So, yes. Not a cookbook. And as someone who barely drags out of bed to jog two miles a couple of times a week, I probably don't need a detailed discussion of how to get down to a six minute mile or whatever. But there are a handful of recipes and I am technically registered for a race and I did manage to take away the message "eat more carbs" using my carefully honed people-hear-what-they-want-to-hear technique. So here we go!

Frittata with potatoes, spinach, and feta.

Baked apple, cranberry, and maple pudding. SO FALL-ISH!

White bean puree with tomato and basil on rye.

Banana cinnamon French toast. 

"Fish and chips."

These were all easy, serviceable carbs recipes, and I'm always happy to see someone suggest putting beans on top of bread. I do take issue with describing a perfectly satisfying meal like baked salmon with sweet potatoes and cucumber yogurt salad as "fish and chips" just to be cute because then all you can think about while you're eating it is how little it tastes like delectable pub grease and how much it tastes like dumb life-sustaining quality nutrition. Verdict: I assume I am significantly faster now.

Wednesday night was the second monthly meeting of the Austin Super Social Food League and I'm slightly concerned that by choosing the location we did we may have ruined the rest of the list for ourselves and also eating other food forever.

Delicious doom.

Yes, I finally had a chance to partake of the legend that is QUI and my only disappointment was not having several extra stomachs to house the bounty.

For my main dish I had the Black Sesame Ramen, which comes with an egg.

Regan had the Beer and Bacon Ramen, to which she added an egg. Very strong showing from Regan.

Before I proceed, I want to explain that the ramen above was quite tasty and in fact better than most things that I eat, on average. But I wish I had skipped ordering it and instead ordered two dozen of the following things:

Yoshi Mart Curry Buns

Brussels Sprouts Salad

Wait, you are thinking, Brussels Sprouts Salad? BRUSSELS SPROUTS SALAD, I say. This list of recommendations, upon which Food League is loosely based, describes it as "Life changing." That is obviously a hilarious overstatement until you eat it and realize that most other food is stupid and pointless. Verdict: Paul Qui is made of magic.

We then went down the street to Cow Tipping Creamery. It was very good. I had the "High Tea," which is vanilla soft serve with lemon curd, honey dust, and crushed tea biscuits. Think about how great that sounds! Then think about the fact that I would rather have had another curry bun.

It's an impossible act to follow, CTC. I will return to you after a a normal, mortal-crafted meal sometime.

Anyway, it's Fridaaaaaaaaaaaay! Let's celebrate by enjoying this moment of peaceful, non-whiny coexistence that is in fact so anomalous this week I'm sort of afraid to speak or breathe or blink or--

Ah, there we are. Gotta go guys, see you next week.