I just wish I had worked cotton candy in there somehow

Happy belated Diez y Seis, guys! Didn't quite make it down to Mexico this year, but I did go to San Antonio and eat a street taco for you.

Your happiness is very, very important to me.

Okay, full disclosure, we didn't go to San Antonio for Independence Day, we went for our impending anniversary because San Antonio is close to home without being home and my in-laws live near there and they don't seem to mind my children. Also, I didn't eat very much Mexican food. I mostly spent the weekend ordering like an eight-year-old. To wit:

Chocolate milkshake.

Housemade root beer...

...to wash down the hot dog.


This Nutella monstrosity, of which there is also a version that includes marshmallows if you can even believe that.

And, okay, an eight-year-old probably wouldn't have ordered this Smoked JalapeƱo Tuna Salad Sandwich.

She would have ordered what Dan was having.

Ivy spent about four seconds being glad to see us again, but then it was back to business as usual.

Patio ain't gonna mow itself, guys.