Comfort Week

Okay, we are back in business!

Well, we are still under our heat-deflectors. But our camera works again. 

That means it's finally time to kick off Comfort Week! You know what I find tremendously comforting? Going out to eat and ignoring my cookbook collection. 

It's like taking a nap under a blanket of puppies.

Especially when going out to eat constitutes the first meeting of the very exclusive Super Social Food League at épicerie. It feels like Regan and I have been in training for this all our lives, and I think the hours and hours of selecting and consuming food are going to be apparent when you see our performance on the field.

Work hard, play hard, eat mussels.

House-made tater tots are the reason I got into this game in the first place.

This BLT was delicious, but I'm sort of mad at it for being in season. Still. Summerblah forever!

Nothing nicer (or, arguably, smarter) than dining al fresco at 7:30 pm.

We rewarded ourselves for enduring a couple of hours in the sauna outdoors by having fancy desserts in the walk-in freezer inside.

I know you were starting to get a little itchy from the lack off eggs in this post, so here is your duck egg crème brûlée. Thank you for your patience.

But as you know, this wasn't just Take One Night Off Week. It's full-on Comfort Week! So Dan and I threw some fancy friend-graduation-celebratory-Olivia-dining in there too. Congratulations to Heidi! And to all of us, really. I congratulated myself several times throughout the course of the meal.

Salmon belly AND a waffle chip AND a tiny quail egg AND it was covered in hazelnuts AND it was served on a slab.

Typical wedge salad.

Discovering the existence of pepper-apricot butter was probably the highlight of my night month year adulthood.

The presence of chicken of the woods in Dan's ravioli brought out everyone's inner Jessica Simpson.

Since the girls were not invited to either of these lovely meals, they had to make do with practicing their self portraits.

 Ivy has also been working on expanding her vocabulary. She definitely knows the word "pool."