I have a similar problem when my mom is cooking

The hardest thing about visiting my parents when my dad is cooking is knowing that we probably aren't going to eat very well.

Sauteed Tilapia with Pecan Butter Sauce over Cajun Rice Pilaf with a side of Corn Maque Choux

Strawberry shortcake lemon pound cake

Okay, so the actual the hardest thing about visiting my parents when my dad is cooking is remembering to pack stretchy pants. The fact that I got to eat all of the above on Mother's Day and then just leave my dirty dishes on the table like a man princess means this week got off to a much better start than last week. Still, I'm determined that the six-day stretch from Mother's Day to my birthday be filled with as much full fat dairy INTENSE DELIGHT as possible, so last night the Super Social Food League of Austin assembled to attack Austin Restaurant Week: Completely Empty Italian Restaurant Edition.

The best part was actually the tiramisu, which I failed to photograph, but our waiter agreed that it was also his favorite and he claimed to be Sicilian. I say "claimed to be" because our waiter was aggressively bored and may have been lying about his heritage just to pass the time. Anyway, everything was delicious, so if you're in the mood for Italian with a side of cute, hovering dude, I can fully recommend Gusto on a slow night.

Hey, where's Ivy?

Anna, what do you think of Ivy's hide-and-seek technique?

I agree, I think she can do better.

There we go.