The old never bothered me anyway

Tomorrow I will turn thirtysomething for the fourth time! I have been celebrating by putting a lot of lotions on my face and also by fulfilling my week-long goal of eating cheeses wallowing in happiness. The key was returning to Smitten Kitchen for some dinner recipes before those despots at the Wells Branch Community Library snatch her away from me. Things went well.

First up is grilled cheese, obviously. Specifically, Emmentaler on Rye with Sweet and Sour Onions.

I think I would have liked this better if Whole Foods had any regular rye bread but they don't have regular anything ugh so this is something called Black Forest Rye, an item from which I infer that the Black Forest is grossly overpriced and composed of 65% seeds. Whole Foods also had the baking ingredients on the juice aisle for no reason other than that they disapprove of both groups and probably flagged me for lingering too long amongst them. Also, the recipe recommends serving this sandwich with slaw, but the thought of having grilled cheese with anything other than tomato soup is outrageous to me. (I do not have a lot of things to RAGE OUT about in my life. This seems worthy?)

I intended to make Baked Ranchero Eggs with Blistered Jack Cheese and Lime Crema for Cinco de Mayo, but that had to be put off this year due to Circumstances. I can tell you that it was just as delicious on a random weeknight in May.

Maybe because I fried the tortilla strips instead of baking them, yes I did, yes I did.

And finally, Tomato-Glazed Meatloaves with Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes, a combination that frankly sells itself, so I'll just shut up and let you gaaaaaaaaaaze upon it now.

Belated Mother's Day sentiment: my favorite unexpected benefit of having children is the formation of my own security detail.

My favorite demanded expected benefit is that they make me birthday cakes.

Seems like I'm in their way, so I'm just going to scoot now.

Fun fact: that batter-covered spatula, which CLEARY EXISTED THIS MORNING, is missing now. How far into summer will I find the batter-covered spatula? Stay tuned to find out!