I actually find that train video very soothing

So it's summer season now, I guess.

I hope you had a…rememberful Memorial Day? I don't even know. I was going to link to Mental Floss's article about Memorial Day because I don't personally have anything to contribute on the matter, it is a very somber occasion with no fun costumes or anything and also "kicking off summer" may as well be "kicking off (a) hornet's nest (from the top of my head)" as far as I'm concerned, but instead I got distracted by "25 Things You Might Not Know About "Boy Meets World" because frankly that sounded like a personal challenge or at least a topic I am comfortable discussing. (I KNEW NINETEEN OF THEM.) (OKAY, THAT SOUNDS LIKE A PERSONAL CHALLENGE.)

Anyway. Better eat some Mediterranean Chicken Skewers and Walnut Date Salad from The Longevity Kitchen in order to ensure myself sixty or so more summers to dread:

I have to tell you guys, this healthy food stuff tastes really good and I've done extensive research on the matter (examines pictures, nods to self approvingly, eats another handful of Fritos).

This is the angle that makes old-timey audiences freak out and attempt to bite the chicken morsel coming at them.

Trust me honey, that joke was hilarious, you just don't get it yet.

Ugh ugh ugh. (That may seem excessive, but please consider the fact that I had to go back and change every single word of this post from "ugh" on the rewrite.) If you are feeling any combination of the actually physically ill/painfully emotionally drained killer mood that I am, I'd like to point you in the direction of The A.V. Club today, where they are doing good work.

I imagine their offices look very much like this.

And also to this more serious and germane piece by A.V. Club writer Todd VanDerWerff, whose use of a Kool-Aid Man graphic made my 4-year-old daughter extremely interested in what I was reading which just made me more depressed about everything in the entire world uh oh time to go pick some classic movies to pretend I'll actually go see this summer.