Her entourage is a Cat Team

SPRING. We have now reached the point at which my general disdain for the season gives way to frantic enthusiasm, because celebrating spring is my last best chance to deny that it is already (has always been/will always be/etc.) summer here. So, yeah. SPRING! Really great. Full of life and blooming things and whatnot. Let's just streamline this whole thing and put all the greenery into one bowl, here we go: Spring Is Busting Out All Over Soup.

Mmm, extremely green. Nice. Know what else seems springy? Chopping every vegetable you can get your hands on and sort of piling them up and probably sneaking at least one egg in there, just a thought, let's try it: Sweet Potato and Zucchini Pancakes PLUS Black Bean Skillet Cakes with Poached Eggs PLUS Ancho Chili Relish all on one plaaaaaaaaaaate.

Careful with this one, I think it might actually contain TOO MANY vitamins.

Wow guys, that's some pretty healthy stuff up there. I didn't see any cheese at all. What's going on?

No, you recently had a birthday and realized you should probably be eating more…bowls of raw carrots.

Anyway, while I'm over here figuring out how to live to 200 (I'm worried positive it involves kale), Ivy has gone full disaffected-Hollywood-youth. I knew this photoshoot was leading to bad things.