Can't catch her

Thank you for the kind words, everyone! I am still getting back on track, schedule-wise, so Martha's calendar was even more blatantly ignored than usual this week. I'm going to try to catch up some over the weekend, but I never want you to doubt my commitment--even for a second--so yesterday I sucked it up and I did what I had to do to get back into my Martha headspace: I went to a Pilates class. And I made an excellent discovery! As it turns out, the key to my Pilates success is to attend a class that is modified for senior citizens, preferably one where the instructor plays Marvin Gaye the whole time. Yes I know Martha definitely does not do the modified version. Just let me have this.

Step Two of Mission ReMartha Myself: make the rest of the bruschetta options. NO MODIFICATIONS HERE.

Advanced Bruschetta

Only recommended for those who have completed Bruschetta levels 1 and 2.

In sound financial investment news, Ivy's Mother's Day Out program has basically paid for itself at this point:

Sometimes I forget to actually open the refrigerator and eat because I am just mesmerized by this thing.

And if you are in search of some Friday reading, I would like to introduce you to the entire Aarne-Thompson classification (AT 2025) of "folk tales of the runaway food type." I especially like the deviant foods who manage themselves to "eat a number of people."