Honestly, I thought your Celine Dion was spot-on

Is it dreary where you are? We have a mild case of drearies down here. (Of course, I like gray skies, the more dismal the better, but whatever, different strokes.) Try a big rainbow-y bowl of Winter-Vegetable Curry!

This was very good and probably would have been even better if I had used the full amount of curry paste, but my ildren-chay hate avor-flay.

Alternate pick-me up dinner: Espresso-Rubbed Steaks, although I must warn you, they photograph TERRIBLY.

Official Martha Craft That I Tried To Pull Off Without Going To The Store #3: Foil Snowman Lawn Ornaments.

Looks like somebody's American Garden just got a little more Outstanding!

Official Martha Craft That I Tried To Pull Off Without Going To The Store #4: Threaded Pomander Balls. I didn't have any beading cord, but it looked more or less like dental floss to me anyway.

"Mint" is also a holiday scent.

Martha's Calendar: Oh boy, you can tell we're in crunch time now because her entire to-do list for December 16th-18th is to note various birthdays. Happy birthdays to Jane Heller, Darcy Miller, and Kevin Sharkey, friend, colleague, and colleague of Martha!

Hey, that holiday party the other night was fun, huh?

Yeah, started a little rocky, but you perked up, right?

It's okay, I thought it was cute when you really animatedly told that story three times! Seriously, everyone was just having fun!

No, no, I definitely don't think anyone noticed that you ended up on the floor.

Don't worry about it! It was a party. No one was judging you.