Let's get this theme rolling

Oh, I started Martha-ing EARLY THIS MORNING, you guys. Apple fritters wait for no sleepy man!

I haven't done much in the way of cooking at this point because I have been busy prepping because my family is eating only ball-shaped foods all day because insanity has a genetic component.

Before that, though, some calendar items:

December 19th: "Place order for seeds and exotic plants for greenhouse." Hey Dan, we need some exotic plants.

December 20th: "Hang stocking and fresh mistletoe."

December 21st: "Bake and decorate sugar cookies with Jude and Truman."

I let the girls make help me with these Peppermint-Candy Sugar Cookies.

Some turned out a little more gargoyled than others.

December 22nd: "Have piano tuned." I don't have a piano. Or, still, a horse. Although we did do our stylish best on that point this week:

Anyway, I have so many thing to roll into balls right now, you really…just…have no idea. So for now, stay warm everyone!

Stay well-fed!

Hide from Santa if you need to!