A tree for every chimney

Good morning! Can I interest you in a warm holiday beverage? Step right over here, to the Warm Holiday Beverage Station.

I decided the best way to embrace Marthcember was to arrange my home in a manner suggesting that a Christmas party may break out at any moment. I have no plans to host a Christmas party, just to be clear. But if you do show up at my house in the next two weeks, please expect a seasonal mug of hot chocolate and a bowl of mixed nuts to be foisted upon you. This serves the dual purpose of creating a festive atmosphere and distracting you from the tree.

I have also leaned pretty hard into serving only party foods for dinner. It's brunch-appropriate casserole week!

Hash-brown casserole

Baked vegetable omelet casserole

Steamed whole cauliflower with paprika brown butter

Okay, that last one isn't really a casserole, but it was still well-received.

I also backtracked and filled in the Martha's calendar items I missed last week. Party foods just make me really productive, I don't know what to tell you.

December 10th: "Stake tomatoes in the greenhouse." I kind of tried to drape the more alive-looking bits over the existing tomato cage.

Outstanding American Gardens, cont.

December 11th: "Collect newspapers and pinecones for kindling." No pinecones here, but I'm fully prepared to destroy all evidence of HEB's sale on blackberries.

How many cents per pound?? future scholars will wonder.

December 12th: "Friend Susan Mogrino's birthday. Service vehicles and inspect tires." Tires looked alright. Happy birthday, Martha's friend Susan!

December 13th: "Horseback ride; buy Christmas tree from a nearby farm." STILL DON'T OWN A HORSE, GUYS. As far as live Christmas trees go, I have already put in my time with those suckers, but I did buy some holly from a nearby Trader Joe's.

Its smells terrible! Is that normal? Hey, do I maybe just...hate plants?

December 14th: "Friend Susan Warburg's and nephew Chris's birthdays." Happy birthday Martha's friend Other Susan and nephew Chris!

December 15th: "Trim Christmas trees [Ed. note: MULTIPLE CHRISTMAS TREES]; send out holiday cards." Done and done-ish.

Official Martha Craft #2: Make a lot of stuff out of foil.

This is going really well, thanks for checking in.

Unofficial Martha-ish Activity #2: Bake chocolate chip cookies while listening to Christmas music.