Home stretch

Last week of Martha Month, let's all buckle down and make it count! It wouldn't be October without a slab of Dark and Spicy Pumpkin Loaf:

Serve with applesauce. Obviously.

At the risk of being a Comment on Every Recipe Blog, I used whole wheat flour instead of rice and buckwheat flours and orange-flavored cranberries instead of raisins/currants and increased the amount of cinnamon and this recipe turned out great!

October 21st: "Pilates." I did not do this.

"Arrange to have chimneys [Ed. note: MULTIPLE CHIMNEYS] cleaned; replenish firewood." I am slightly saddened that Martha's DIY spirit does not extend to scrubbing her own flue(s). Anyway, it is still summer here. As an alternate activity, we watered the basil in our underwear.

October 25th: "Travel to Maine." I absolutely swear to you the only reason I embarked on this project was so I would have a reason to put on this lobster dress again.

The Fonz was from Maine, right?

"Go on a hike." We sort of did this, by walking through the YMCA's haunted candy trail thingy.

It was genuinely pretty harrowing.



We were brave though.

October 26th: "Take the boat out of water for the season." I took 'em all out, just to be safe.

October 27th: "Attend Tri State Food Expo at Meadowlands Exposition Center, in Secaucus, New Jersey." This reminded me of The Sopranos, which reminded me of how much I want to know what happened to The Russian, which I probably spent more time contemplating than Martha did expo-ing.

Martha Project #3: Hang stuff on a tree branch. I totally did this weeks ago. One step ahead of you, M. Stew!

Fall is really under way now! I hope you guys are staying warm out there.