Of COURSE she only looks happy and natural on horseback

I'm almost halfway through Martha Month, can you believe it? So much applesauce, so little time. You know what that sauce looks awfully nice next to? Orange-and-Rosemary-Brined Porkchops.

I am almost always disappointed in fancy-sounding pork chops, but I wasn't in these, so this brine gets an emphatically approving nod.

Also pretty cozy up in some Applesauce Pancakes.

Just snuggled right in there.

When Martha says to slice broccoli stalks in order to make a salad, I say "How thinly?"

The answer is…"thinly."

She also said to put Chimichurri Sauce on roasted carrots, so I did that too.

She didn't specify what the carrots were intended to accompany, so I just made my best guess.

The Calendar also kept me pretty busy this weekend, let's see how I did.

October 10th: "Pilates." You know…I think I probably did some stretching that day. Like, athletically.

"Bathe dogs and cats." Guess she's talking to you, Cat Team.

October 11th: "Morning walk with the dog through the maple grove." If it makes you feel any better about the following picture, I want you guys to know that I waste a LOT more of my own time than I do of yours.

You have no idea.

October 12th: "Take an afternoon drive to Cross River Reservoir, in Westchester County, New York." We did not do this. We did drive to a pumpkin patch that day.

We are almost tall enough for the pumpkin patch.

"Horseback ride." I'm glad I left this entire line of activity to Anna, because she is really stepping up her game.

October 13th: "Host Martha Stewart Weddings' 20th anniversary party in New York City." I'm going to let this image from my own nuptials tell the story of how much I understand or care about weddings.

Okay, this is actually just my "dancing face."

If my failures this week have left you feeling grumpy, just take a big bite of ice cream, worked for Ivy 100%.