I definitely understand how viral infections work

First, some housekeeping/mild threats: it's almost as if I did not do an effective job promoting my finely crafted baubles last week, as there are inexplicably still some earrings available. Unless somebody jumps on those grenades I'm just going to start sending them out randomly, I actually have quite a few of your addresses.

Second, we were out of town all weekend and I have not been to the grocery store, but I did still manage to make Carrot-Ginger Soup. The fact that you can probably throw this together without driving anywhere or putting on pants or whatever is probably the number one thing it has going for it, but it is also a nice tasty soup. It's in the "Use Coconut Oil in Stuff" section!

Good section.

So that's that for recipes. To the calendar!

October 3rd: "Get seasonal flu shot." I WAS GOING TO DO THIS. But there was a 45-minute wait at Walgreens, so I'm just going to buy some extra herbal tea instead. I'm not in a high-risk category anyway. I eat a lot of soup. (See above.)

"Pilates." Sigh.

At one point this woman instructed me to execute a move "as if someone punched you in your lower belly."

October 4th: "Begin fall garden cleanup; cut back perennials." Where to start, where to start. I...took a whole boatload of basil off my parents' hands?

I know basil is an annual.

And we tidied the hedge apples.

Just set everything else on fire, pretty much.

Maybe not the most Martha move, but it's impossible to resist when the children are so delighted by it.

"Horseback ride." Figured Anna could cover this one for me.

October 5th: "Make homemade quince jelly with star anise.


October 6th: "Fly to Arkansas. Attend State of the Art Exhibition at Crystal Bridges Summit." So much fun, such exhibition, wish you were here!