Pink Eyes

At long last, Super Social Food and Makeup League of Austin 2015 has commenced! We recovered from our psychosomatic eye diseases, applied some serious nonsense to our faces, pulled on our ramen-eating pants, and hit the (sketchy industrial district part of) town!

Word on the street internet review sites is that Ramen Tatsu-Ya has the best ramen game in town. This is only my third Austin ramen, so I am not really qualified to say. I do think it was the best of the three, though! 

Probably because I added roasted Brussels sprouts like a smart, smart lady.

Next we hit Snow Monster, possibly the best shaved ice in town? Again, I am too inexperienced to determine this, but it was definitely the best and only shaved ice I have had here.

Bonus: it looks insane.

So insane and so yummy.

I highly recommend both of these fine establishments, with a couple of warnings. 1) I realized, after eating a giant bowl of it at 9:00 pm, that the Thai Tea flavor of shaved ice definitely has caffeine in it. I guess this warning could double as an exciting guarantee, depending on your plans for the evening. My personal plans were to be asleep at 10:30, so things DID NOT WORK OUT ON THAT FRONT.

2) These eateries are very casual and well-lit. Like, so so so bright. Really bright and, in the case of ramen, also boasting communal tables. Normally this would be a perfectly acceptable scenario for enjoying dinner. I only mention it in case you have, for some dare-based-friendship reason, decided to do stupid things on your face and were maybe planning on hiding at a table in a dark corner. If, however, it brings you joy to be looked at curiously by strangers, just throw an entire bottle of  metallic pink eyeliner all over the top portion of your face and enjoy the ride.

Post-prandial trip to the Target makeup aisle.

This stuff peeled off in thick strips and took most of my eyelashes with it. The good news is, it really brings out the "colossus" side of my nose.

I would also like to note that we exchanged next month's compulsive cosmetic items, and while Regan's gift to me is appropriately cringe-inducing, my purchase for her was a failure for the following reason: SHE ALREADY HAD THAT EXACT FROSTY LILAC LIPSTICK IN HER PURSE AND IN FACT HAD ALMOST WORN IT TO DINNER. So...the bar for embarrassing Regan through makeup is significantly higher than I realized. I do believe I am up for the challenge. And in the meantime, we now own matching frosty lilac lipstick. SSFAML 2015, BABY.

In other news, look you guys! I did crafting!

I just followed Jen's directions and turned a pile of burlap that already existed in our garage into what looks very much like an actual wreath! It's hard for me to write a sentence about it that doesn't end in an exclamation point, because I am so surprised and happy regarding this success! I own a hot glue gun now and I'm okay with that!

Ivy is also very excited for me.