Sisyphus in Pink

Hey guys.

We had really nice weather for our holiday weekend down here and somehow I managed to avoid cooking and reading almost entirely. Which is actually pretty impressive, if you sort of tilt your head and squint hard. So, uh, I guess we can talk about…you? How are you doing? Did you make and already abandon any resolutions? Here's a little a tip, try resolving to do something very easy and pleasant. For example, my resolution this year is to really get into one new album every month, because for the past few years podcasts have taken over all of my listening time. I'm off to a good start! If you need some high-minded reasoning, just tell people that instead of resolving to deny yourself, you are resolving to, like, enrich your life, man.

If it's too late, though, and you already resolved to actually improve yourself or your home or the world at large or whatever, all I can tell you is that sometimes it takes a couple of tries to roll up that hill. Persevere, friends!