Some would say I'm just too committed

Topic about which I intended to write this morning: The first 2015 outing of the Super Social Food League of Austin.

What interfered with my plans: After 16 months of largely uneventful restaurant attendance and one near-fatal ice cream spree, we members of SSFL have decided to add an extra layer of difficulty to our adventures by including an experimental cosmetics portion of the evening. (We have recently discovered the makeup video section of YouTube, with…mixed results.) In other words, Regan was determined to make me wear this pink eyeliner and I was pleased to introduce her to the world of indie eyeshadow, and thus the natural course of our dare-based friendship continues apace. What we did not anticipate was that my body is so deeply, subconsciously attuned to any impending theme that when I woke up the morning of Pink Eyeliner Day, it would be with a stunning case of pinkeye itself. A FOR EFFORT, BODY. But it means dinner, with its attendant pictures of our clown faces, is postponed until next week.

"We mortals, men and women, devour many a disappointment between breakfast and dinner-time." --(apt quote and proof that I am still reading) Middlemarch

"Some of us also devour lunch and a couple of snacks in there, which helps." --Erica

Instead, I will stage for you a Martha vs. Bon App├ętit battle without having done any cooking at all, watch and wonder at my blog-filling abilities!

Battle of the Open-Faced Sandwich Spreads

Martha Contender: previously, thoroughly covered. Thought I had after inspecting the combinations: this all looks great and I already have so many of these ingredients! I could throw ham and dried apricots together and call it a meal! Martha, you complete me.

BA Contender: looks good from a distance.




I don't…I'm not sure. I'm going to say no, just to be safe.


Thought I had after inspecting the combinations: Where the eff am I even supposed to find bee pollen? BA, you enrage me.

Winner: Martha, in a landslide of delicious toasted breads.

Bonus link to make up for not really generating any content this week: check out Mental Floss's words of the year from other countries. I enjoy this type of list very, very much. I am especially taken with Belgium's overschotdoos, which means doggie bag. Overshot it!

Ivy wisely refuses to come out of the car until my pinkeye has subsided.