Also, don't tell Dan I forgot National Donut Day

"Hey Erica, it's now June and you live in Texas, which means you won't see a high temperature below 90 degrees for five months or so. Is this really the best time to embark on a quest to emulate the food stylings of the Wilder household, a family who performed 22 hours of manual labor per day in temperatures hovering around 120 degrees below zero?"

I'm so glad you asked! Yes.

I started with the Fried Apples n' Onions, because how could I not?

I like that this particular dish was Almanzo's favorite. It makes me trust him. It might also be my favorite now. We're in this together, buddy.

I for sure did not tear up when my soon-to-be-ex-kindergartener won her Super Scientist award, and I double for sure did not have to look blinkingly at the ceiling for a moment when the entire class sang a Katy Perry song, come on, that would be silly.

Hang on, I just..it's weird, the ceiling is like covered with interesting stuff today.

I think Ivy may have gotten a little emotional though.

Anyway, sorry to cry blink and run but I have to go watch a lot of television now. Hope your weekend is terrific and not at all made up of nightmare shards.