The glittering of SSFL

One last Farmer Boy-ish supper before I return to my lazy, modern ways: chicken pot (chicken pot chicken pot) pie.

I mean, I might have snuck some lazy, modern ways into this one. Just to eeeeeeease back into the present.

You would feel bad if I pulled something jumping back into the hectic pace of today with cold muscles.

Did you guys know that both of my children will sit still and eat reasonable helpings of chicken pot pie? At the table? Around dinnertime? I didn't! Sometimes these meal planning projects yield fascinating results.

So obviously I didn't do Farmer Boy justice, AT ALL, because it is completely amazing in terms of energy intake/output and I am…not. I'm more of a "but I don't want to pickle beets" / "oatmeal seems like dinner" kind of girl these days. Like, if confronted with a live crustacean, I'm not even 100% certain I would kill it at this point. Where is all my energy going? Can't say for sure, but a good chunk of it is allocated toward…

…wearing embarrassing makeup in public!

In the sunlight, my lips were YELLOW. I looked like a failed Bond girl. Like, really super failed.

YES, welcome to dazzling Gold Month at the Super Social Food and Makeup League of Austin. I have to say, the pictures cannot to justice to what goobers we looked like this round.


All I can tell you is, this was the first time we got to the front door of a restaurant and hesitated. For a while. We even attempted to make an immediate online reservation via phone in order to add some legitimacy to our dinner-seeking claim. After several minutes of milling around on the sidewalk, flashing brightly in the evening sun, we finally charged forward into the sea of professional-looking adults, where we were rewarded with one of the best bowls of soup I have ever had.

Kale, white beans, magic fairy salt

There was also fresh pasta.

And egg-topped pizza.

And strawberry crostata.

And this perfect, perfect dollop of panna cotta.

This thing jiggled right out of my dreams.

I definitely got off easier this month, since the gold lips were gone about halfway through the soup but Regan's lids shimmered strong all night. Don't feel bad for her. I already have my assignments for the next two months and they are intense. Stay tuned!

Speaking of intense, Anna has discovered puns and is running the gamut of typical pun-related emotions.

Time to go! We're headed to the beach today! Ivy is the only one packed!