She Vanna Whites that sign so hard

Yesterday I whipped up some Spring Vegetable Potstickers because 1) technically June is still spring or so they tell me, and 2) sometimes Make What I Wanna Make May leaks over onto June first, such is its power.

One last crispy gasp.

I mostly spent the weekend helping the girls sling candles.

Sales floor

Tech crew

We rewarded ourselves with the pinkest lemonade I have ever seen.

I promise this is not a stock image, they just have some crazy white tables there.

Anyway, I'm not too sure about June food plans yet, but I did stumble across this very interesting list, just saying.

P.S. Sometimes stress-tracking candle shipments gets REALLY INTENSE, YOU GUYS.

Are you okay, Angelenos? Is something…Hellmouthy weird happening over there?