SSFL Drinks the Kool-Aid

Hoo man, we barely squeezed in May's Super Social Food and Makeup League, but we finally made it happen and it involved fried chicken on top of a pile of nachos.

To START the meal.

There was also OTHER STUFF.

And some GELATO.

We have reached the point in our makeup-challenge game at which I think "This shiny red eyeliner Regan gave me is not making me look insane enough, I should probably add a lot of yellow eyeshadow to it."

Even more distressing, we have reached the point where we both show up and say "I actually think this looks pretty good."

So maybe we have gotten really good at makeup application or bold in our tastes or lazy about our challenge items or possibly Regan and I do not get enough attention in our daily lives.

Anyway. I also hustled to Make What I Wanna Make just a liiiiiiiiittle bit more: Thai-Scented Asparagus Soup and Baked Egg Boats. Wanted to make them then, want to make them still, will want to make them in the future.

Erica's Book Corner! Relax--I haven't started reading again, you know I gave myself an assignment that I failed to complete several months ago which means I probably just won't do any reading in 2015, wish I were kidding but I'm not--this is a children's book note instead. Remember when I read Little House on the Prairie and it wasn't exactly what I remembered? Like, I kept wanting Ma Ingalls to go lie down for a while and really think about her life choices? Well, I've been reading Farmer Boy with Anna and THIS IS THE ONE I WANTED, THIS IS ALL THE GOOD STUFF. The vague ideas I had been carrying around about Ma Ingalls were really about Ma Wilder, a bona fide getting-things-done machine in bell sleeves. She makes eight thousand pancakes a day and says things like "Be ye hurt?" and wears big swoopy dresses and didn't marry a pioneering maniac who kept trying to adventure-kill the whole family. It's the best. Maybe June should be Farmer Boy month.

I've been pretty busy with candle stuff, but it's fine, I haven't really noticed the girls acting like they need attention or anything.