Slowly I become one with the mud

Ahhh, looks like Make What I Wanna Make May is drawing to a close. Soon June will be here and I will be legally required to install a new blog theme. It was fun while it lasted, though! What did I wanna make this weekend? 

…for a Memorial Day cookout that we did not end up attending due to, uh, some weather.

Hard to grasp it without a dry-weather reference, but just know that usually that picnic table is significantly less submerged.

At least we finally have an answer to the question, "Which corn stalk is the heartiest?"

For the record, I spent most of the scary, tornado-warning-y part of the storm carefully constructing skewers, so we also finally have an answer to the question, "Would Erica be at all helpful in an emergency?" (Tosses handful of pointy wooden sticks into tornado.)

In between devastating storms we managed to explore the Zilker Faerie Trail before it closed for the season. We searched high and (mostly) low for those suckers.

I let the girls figure out which direction we should be going.

Seems like the trip was worthwhile, since I'm pretty sure Anna spotted one.