Myself, and the treating thereof

First, a programming note: Make What I Wanna Make May was a fantastic idea and I am a genius.

So what did I wanna make this time?

Well, candles, mostly.

But other things, too. Like No-Grocery-Trip Taco Salad:

Way to step up, Freezer Chorizo!

And According To My Mother-In-Law It's National Chocolate Chip Day Cookies:

Good looking out, Pat!

I also returned to one of the greatest cookbooks I have ever cradled lovingly in my arms, Melissa Clark's In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite. Ever since I made this olive oil granola and served it with ricotta cheese last winter, I have thought of it longingly. "I wish I had some of that right now," I would think. "If only I were solely responsible for buying groceries and feeding myself."

And, I thought, while we're elbows-deep in a proper cookbook, why not make something fancy? Like Figgy Piggy Drumsticks and Thighs but with cherries instead of figs because that's all I can find and I'm pretty sure one sweet/expensive fruit is as good as another?


We also made a pizza run. Some of us were more cautious about this mission than others.

SIDENOTE TO REGAN: I think I've figured out a way for us to get our money back.