Looks like June will be "Entirely New Wardrobe Month"

Welcome back to Make What I Wanna Make May! What did I wanna make?

Chicken fried steak, CLEARLY.

Hello there, Responsibility Sprouts.

This plate was so appealing I was getting jostled by other photographers.

What else did I wanna make? My children prepare a feast for me.

Their love for me is so great that the labor is a joy, rather than a burden to them.

Anyway, I got a pretty swell pancake out of the deal.

And none of that was even for Mother's Day proper! Sunday itself involved enough baked goods for a mid-size office.

Seriously though, look at this.

All of these pictures were taken after I was too full to eat any more.

Thanks Dan and Bribery Bakery! Starting to suspect I am being bribed into never wearing pants again, though.

Eight months into the school year, we are finally settling into our personal style.

This is actually just a very dignified take on "Crazy Hat Day." I'm pretty sure that, given those parameters,  Ivy would try to wear a live opossum on her head.