Are they robot mermaids or mermaid robots?

Okay, so my Martha April kind of went out with a whimper, although you could argue that deconstructing this Rolled Stuffed Salmon was actually more effort than just following her recipe:

You would be wrong, but I still appreciate the support.

But Martha probably isn't busy making all-purple meals for her insane 3-year-old.

What am I even talking about, I don't know her life.

We also spent one evening at the book fair at Anna's school (YAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL THIS IS THE GOOD STUFF), although its hard to say whether she enjoyed herself.

Whatever, I think book fairs are great. Library Robot Mermaid knows what I'm talking about.

Seriously, the best. Elementary school is the best.

CANCEL THE FLOWERS! Glamour Shots wants you to know that it's not too late to punish Mom for all the ways she screwed you up.