Maybe something donut-scented

Okay, back to making things that I wanna make and right now I wanna make….colors! My theme is colors. NO MONOCHROMATICISM IN THIS HOUSE, I'M TAKING A STAND.

First, Greek Chickpea Salad. 1) Open a can 2) Chop a couple of things 3) Feel incredibly virtuous despite eating giant cubes of cheese for dinner:

4) Watch Child 1 and Child 2, who will only eat olives and chickpeas, respectively, Jack Sprat this thing 5) Eat their cheese too.

I don't really have to sell you on this one, do I? Did you read what it was called?

We are certainly eating the rainbow around here these days! We know that brightly colored foods are an indicator of different vitamins, especially when selecting donuts.

Hey moms! Did your children give you a really terrible Mother's Day present? Groupon's got your back.

CANDLE NEWS: Custom orders are up and running! Send me your requests, no matter how intensely specific, and I will do my best.

Also, my plan was to release a new summer scent every Friday this month in order to appease the Angry Summer Sun. It is currently 64 degrees and drizzling, which means that my modest offerings are working beyond my wildest imagination. If this continues, I will probably have to release a new summer scent weekly throughout the entire summer, and possibly until the end of time. Now accepting suggestions.