I haven't done any cooking since last week, you know why? Because I am a TITAN OF INDUSTRY NOW. Other people cook for me. At least through the weekend. Because I am tired.

These tins didn't semi-carefully line themselves up, you know.

I don't know WHY I was tired, what with my team being all-hands-on-deck and such.

I had a really fun, pretty successful day out there and I am definitely encouraged to keep hitting up fairs and festivals throughout the summer. The (female, my-aged) people love candles and I am here to give the people what they want. Did we learn some things about selling wax items outdoors in Texas?

We maybe did.

Did we also get a pretty nice review over at Evolution of a Foodie? Heck yeah we did. Thanks, Kelly! I keep scanning it for the phrase "This clearly insane person sent me a candle that smells like barbecue," but I still don't see it anywhere.

(And, confidential to anyone who has put in a MAYBE-joking request for a custom order over Twitter, there is a sample of cement-scented fragrance oil on its way to my house, because Wick Habit is in the business of making everyone's wildest dreams come true.)

Oh, hey, look at that nice other-people-generated food! Mmmmmm.


"Ivy, smile!"
"I AM."

Also, I lied about not cooking at all, look at this beautiful themed meal I pulled together for Star Wars Day yesterday: