I think my lifestyle brand has been pretty well established

Sorry for the crankiness earlier this week, I feel like I let you guys down by failing to follow my own motto in life, "Nothing can leave a bad taste in your mouth as long as you keep stuffing Oreos in there." Onward!

The summer sun has turned it up a notch this week, so it's obviously time for some Farmer Boy grub. Spareribs and mashed potatoes, molasses baked beans:

Of course, the Wilder family would have eaten those three items on one plate, along with ham, turkey, dressing, creamed carrots, succotash, beet pickles, two kinds of bread and six kinds of pie. And I doubt Responsibility Broccoli featured prominently in the rotation. But they got up at five in the morning to work in fields and muck out stables and work looms and such and we've been getting up around eight to play Monopoly and see how close we can stand to the television.

Anyway, I've got my sights set on a couple of those pies, so we'll over be here revving up our appetites.