Getting into the mind of the enemy

Martha knows that if I see the words "hash" and "baked eggs" in a recipe I am duty-bound to make it, even if the words surrounding it are "kale and squash."

Also, this was easy and good and Anna spent the rest of the evening telling everyone she saw that she ate kale for dinner, so I earned 150 smugness points on this one.

Martha's calendar this week is a lot of travel and speaking/hosting, and although our schedule was decidedly lacking in galas, Anna and I did man the rainbow fruit skewer table at her school's Health and Wellness Fair. 

Slippery fruit + linoleum floor + pointy sticks + elementary school children = longest two hours of my life.

Other than that we've pretty much just been puttering around, working on our Halloween costumes.

(She's going as a dog.)