If Martha is half-assing it this year, that means I get to quarter-ass it

Hey guys, I wrapped up September by deciding that having been married for nine years was a good enough excuse to not do anything productive this week. (Runner-up excuses: "it's still hot," "one of my children is still three," "Mercury is apparently doing something to everyone," "fall TV is back on.")

So we ate out!

Kerbey Lane and I have always agreed on how often a dish should be augmented with queso (i.e., as often as possible).

We also have similar views on pancakes.

Also, we got in a kayak for some reason!

I guess it really helped me appreciate how much of the past nine years I have not spent in a kayak.

Okay, fine, I was actually pretty productive, but all of it looked like this:

Don't worry though, I'm gearing up for October in earnest now.

Although I'm a little disappointed in Martha's costume this year.