No more Skillet and Whatever Mondays, for one

I have to say, I'm seriously considering making "Skillet (Whatever) and Rice" a Monday staple because  it's a good way to ease back into actual food-making for the week without thinking very hard about it. Plus my children will generally eat rice, probably because they sense that it is just a primitive form of crackers.

Recipe: Skillet Curried Chicken and Rice.  Why this recipe usually sucks: "There are lots of bad recipes out there for quick chicken and rice." Pretty vague slam, America's Test Kitchen!

This was really good though, so you just keep doing you, ATK.

I Wouldn't Say It Feels Like Fall Exactly But Maybe Summertime In a More Reasonable Place activities:

Birthday partying!

Contemplating whether the excitement of life as a SuperBlood Werewolf would be worth the many obvious  tradeoffs!