Endless Summer, but in a sad way

Well, the autumn equinox has come and gone and every year I remind myself that it will still be hot at the end of September and that's the way it's always been and you don't have to be happy about it but please stop acting like you're surprised by it, and every year I end up wailing "Why can't you conform to the calendaaaaaaaaaaaar?" toward the Texas heavens. So here we are, eating inappropriate fall comfort foods, waiting for the winter solstice to come and bring us some relief.

Recipe: Pear and Cranberry Chopped Salad. Why this recipe usually sucks: "random collection of cut-up produce…watery and bland."

This version is intended to be "livelier" than most, and, I don't know, I guess? It's nice and colorful. 

Dan actually did all the chopping here. I just threw a pile of vegetables at him.

Recipe: Cuban-Style Black Beans and Rice. Why this recipe usually sucks: IT DOESN'T. Even America's Test Kitchen is forced to admit that the combination of beans and rice is delicious in all its forms.

This version does make it easier to convince one's three-year-old that dinner is purple, if one is in need of such a tactic.

We're so invigorated by the autumn breezes that we've been trying to get out and about as much as possible.

So much

new energy