It also dissolved the ground a little

When I picked my America's Test Kitchen cookbook for September, I totally forgot that the best part about the recipes in here are the descriptions of what absolute piles of garbage the normal versions of these dishes are. I will be sure to include those from here on out, I find it really enhances ones enjoyment of the superior method.

Dish: Latino Style Chicken and Rice with Bacon and Red Peppers. Why this dish usually sucks: "time consuming." Fine, bad example to start with, especially since this was also very time consuming. See how it is dark in the picture? It is not normally dark when we eat dinner.

But it is not normally this delicious either. 

Dish: Greek and Spinach Feta Pie. Why this dish usually sucks: "nothing more than soggy layers of phyllo with a sparse, bland filling." Yeah. That's the stuff.

Perfect if you like a tiny bit of spinach with your butter.

Dish: Thin and Crispy Oatmeal Cookies. Why this dish usually sucks: "dry and brittle…lack any sign of oatiness." These are really, really good with a cup of tea.

I drank SO MUCH tea this week

Still Feels Like Summer To Me Activities:

Trying to figure out what was going on with the sky!

It seemed like water came out of nowhere? And I think it might have turned some of the plants slightly green. Is this mold? Please advise.