Extra-freaky Friday

Hey guys, as you can see below, my staff and I have had a pretty intense week.

I mean, have you ever had to do time zone math in order to call from Spain and ensure your firewood is being stacked? Exhausting.

With all that, I still managed one autumn recipe, Chicken and Squash Curry. The food theme for this issue is clearly "Squash: Deal With It."

A directive that becomes much easier to follow once you embrace the glory that is pre-diced butternut squash, trust me. Every time I'm at the store, I hesitate: should I pay twice as much for this convenience? And every time I start putting together the recipe at home: yes, yes, I would have paid ten times as much.

A couple more examples of how Martha is going for legit, rather than campy, horror this year:

Nothing to see here, just a mouth full of toenail teeth, we're all having fun right?

Tell me this is not a dog whistle for new serial killers.

Halloween Dress Up Fun!

This week, Ivy dressed as a girl who is not even going to pretend she might participate in ballet class.

Ah, the subtle terror of wasted money. Very advanced!