Battle: Vegetables

It's May, which means it's my birthday month, which means I can do whatever I want as far as meal planning goes. (Note: this is also true of all months and all meal planning.) And what I want is for two food magazines that randomly arrive in my mailbox to battle to the death for my sick pleasure. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

Eating Well and Rachael Ray Every Day are both scolding me to eat more shorthand-vegetables ("veg" and "veggies," respectively). They are using exclamation points, so I know they are serious about this. Eating Well promises 31 options, in a relatively straightforward cover that does in fact consist of vegetables:

"Party-Perfect Grain Salads" haha sigh 

Rachael Ray claims to have 36 veggie-laden recipes, which gives her a slight edge:

But hoo boy there is a lot more to unpack on this cover:

One of these things is not like the other

I decided that nachos are, as always, a good place to start, so first up is Eating Well's Pita Chip Nachos.

Conclusion: as you can plainly see in the above picture, these are not nachos. This is a salad with irritatingly unwieldy croutons. There are some vegetables involved, though. 5/10

It's market season!

Which means I am woefully behind on chores. It's fine, though. I have help.

She's slow, but she's ornery!