Heart eyes, silly gooses

Well, I was hoping that today's post could be dedicated to orb jokes and discussing what absolute producer trash the final rose on The Bachelorette last night was and maybe if I had enough coffee a Twin Peaks reference, but instead I guess I will just issue an unnecessary reminder that anyone who hurts children is a piece of shit of the absolute lowest order, full stop. (This BBC article is useful if you have children who are old enough to worry about the news, as always I wish I had something more helpful to offer but I do not.)

I had a very good, very non-bummer of a weekend prior to that, as I got to go to tapings of The Adventure Zone AND Sawbones AND My Brother, My Brother and Me and eat meat and pretzels and physically vibrate myself beyond recognition in a photograph with two McElroys.

Either that or I have secretly been haunting the Paramount Theater this whole time

Anyway, in extremely mild concerns, I hope the below picture is just a case of parallel thinking and that Ivy has not discovered CUSS WORD MEMES