Sometimes I "follow" recipes like a true internet commenter

It's probably hard to tell, but I have been quietly running the Eating Well vs. Rachael Ray vegetable-off in the background of my waxy hustling and existential howling. This week: Battle Pasta.

I *almost* followed the instructions for Rachael Ray's Cheesy Ziti with Broccoli Rabe except that HEB did not have broccoli rabe, so I just used broccoli broccoli.

Unsurprisingly, pasta + cheese + broccoli, which I have somehow convinced my children is the least offensive of all vegetables, earned ten fingers up from both parties.

I *briefly considered* following the instructions for Eating Well's Sweet Potato Noodles with Tofu and Vegetables, but HEB did not have dangmyun, so I used rice noodles instead. Also I realized that this dish involved A LOT of steps for something my children were just going to whine at me about so instead of following them I mixed about half the ingredients with teriyaki sauce in a wok and tossed it all the noodles.


Winner: me, for not making my life harder than necessary for once. Laziness or self-care? You decide! And then go ahead and keep that answer to yourself, thanks.

On Wednesday, Ivy 1) graduated from pre-school, 2) climbed a very high wall, 3) ate some ice cream. Got no jokes here, just a pretty good day.