[Tina Belcher anxiety groan]

Mood: a big terrible thing wrecked a chunk of my state and another big terrible thing is about to wreck the entirety of another state and already took out ONE ENTIRE ISLAND etc. and I only recently realized how much of the country is on literal fire and I can't protest it or make phone calls about it or vote against it so there's nothing to do other than feel small and helpless and wait.

Primitive, nonintellectual underlying mood: it was 58 degrees this morning and that was extremely good.

Still gotta eat though.

Brussels Sprout Breakfast Tostadas

Vegan Broccoli Soup from the Love & Lemons cookbook

Turns out that above recipe was too healthy, so I had to add tater tots to it.

Still got hungry again and ate half a bag of pretzels before bed

Now that I have two children who get out of school at the same time I am faced with an unprecedented amount of information that is crucial to convey to me in the three-minute walk from the bus stop and I think I might have to grow another brain/set of ears to process it because my retention rate is about 15% right now.