Big donut-related announcement in here

I'm finishing up my tour through the Love & Lemons cookbook that I checked out from the library, as it is soon due back at said library.

Vegan Cherry French Toast. This went over very well with every member of the family who did not have to pit a bunch of cherries.

Some kind of summer vegetable pasta that I didn't exactly follow the recipe for. But the combination of basil, oregano, smoked paprika, and red wine vinegar is aces.

Have some very exciting news to report, we encountered a donut hole that looks like...Pusheen.

Apparently. If you squint. And spend 3-4 hours a day looking at pictures of Pusheen.

Last night Dan managed to capture the Ivy-est of Ivy sentiments which coincidentally happens to line up with the Erica-est of Erica sentiments.

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