Every night Anna asks if tomorrow will still be August and I think, I HOPE NOT

Hey, look! I made a cheese ball!

Not so much impressive as it is just fantastic. Fantastic work, me!

I also made all manner of other things from Cookbook #81: I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence (Amy Sedaris, 2009) and realized that in the four years I've owned it I have considered it primarily a comedy book, ignoring the dozens and dozens of legit recipes (and pantyhose-oriented craft ideas) within it. Behold! Asparagus Macaroni! Cucumber, Tomato, and Onion Salad! Excellent Stuffed Potatoes!

Provenance: I bought it my own self at the Texas Book Festival. It's autographed! Previous recipes on this blog: none, because as I said, it never occurred to me to take anything inside it at face value. But I have to say, these were some very fine victuals from a book whose section on Children's Games include tips such as "Toss a greased watermelon into the pool and have the kids try to grab for it," "If there is an infant in the house, it's always fun to play Social Services," and "The eyes are the most vulnerable part of the wolf." Recommended for: all humans.

Cookbook #82: The Great Book of Chocolate (David Lebovitz, 2004) does not include a recipe for Galataboureko or a Gift Idea for Ex If You Are Still on Speaking Terms (see above), but as its title indicates, it doesn't need to. It includes chocolate.

Provenance: I think I mentioned wanting this to my brother, who then bought it for me because as it turns out younger siblings are not entirely worthless once you are an adult. Previous recipes on this blog: none. I made Congo Bars, which are sort of like someone smushed four chocolate chips cookies together and called it a "serving."

Good call, someone. 

Let's get a closer look at that cross-section.

Oh, hi, I'm back, just went to confirm my vague recollection of these being good. These are still good. Verdict: David Lebovitz is smart and you should give him money to continue practicing his trade.

I like this series of "Please just let me get one nice going-to-school picture of you" wherein Anna seems increasingly uncertain of what I'm asking of her.

Almost a good shot if you squint away the pretty high degree of apparent sarcasm.

I already gave you the arm gestures. What?

Why is this insane woman still aiming a camera at me right now?