Slow News Week

Based on the fact that I opened this post about twelve minutes ago and have just been staring at the wall, listening to the clock ticking, I'm going to guess that it's still August. (Checks.) Nailed it! Halfway through August no less, which means that all of my functioning brain-parts have been effectively stifled, as have my getting-up-off-the-couch parts. I spent the week trying to avoid going to the grocery store, so I had a chance to practice my hand at cleaning out the fridge by stuffing its contents into tortillas and/or eggs.

Frozen fish, vegetables.

Vegetables, vegetables.

Fortunately, the girls have been toiling away in order to compensate for my sloth. Running a household is a lot of work, as they're discovering. Ivy has taken up the gardener position.

And Anna is our bean counter.

Very little chance of embezzlement in this case.